Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fleshlight 4 beginners

Q: As a beginner - which Fleshlight would you recommend I get? I'm interested in trying something different and fun and not just the plain, straight-forward standard Fleshlight. Thanks.
A: I'd try Super Tight Wonder Wave (gives a great gentle ribbed stroke) or Super Tight Speed Bump (a great insert with lots of greedy massage beads that'll hit you nicely right under the cockhead). Either one will give you great cums again and again.
I want to see SPEED BUMP now!
I want to see WONDER WAVE now!

Q: When you first get your Fleshlight it comes in a bag and is powdered in something. Once one washes the thing, it's sort of tacky. So what's the general proceedure to keep the thing clean and should some powder be used or what? 
A: Powdering is optional. I occasionally powder, while others are more dilligent. Powder keeps it from getting tacky and sticky. Wash with hot water and occasional use alcohol to sanitize. No oil or soaps, cause they'll degrade the material.

Q: I'm in need of a bit of advice, I have the Wonder Wave Mouth and ST Butt Fleshlights. Now this is where I need your advice, I am gay and have never tried a real pussy but I am a bit curious to know what it feels like to fuck a pussy and was thinking of buying a Pink Lady to try it out, but I would like to know just how much like the real thing it is and also, is the feeling, once your cock is inside, much different to the mouth or the butt.
A: Here are some of the differences: With the Fleshlight Lady, you can run the pussy lips up and over and all around your cockhead. The lips are a little softer and more pliable than the lips on the mouth inserts. Depending on your girth, you also may want to try the Super Tight variety cause it'll grip you better. The regular inserts have a smooth canal and with proper heating, it feels a lot like when you enter a pussy temperaturewise and sensationwise. With hands-free experimentation, you should be able to approximate the pussy experience. But keep this in mind: It's all about getting your nut and striving for the most intense orgasm possible. So experiment and enjoy.
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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Fleshlight addict writes...

"I'm in love with the damn thing.  I can't go a night without needing to fuck it. I've already had some 'crazy orgasms'  - but I'm finding the thing is such a turn on I have shoot into a couple or more times each time I use it - I was already multi-orgasmic - but this just inspires me to do it more often."

Tight! A wild ride awaits you.

A first-time FLYer writes...

Hey Zimmerman,

You may or not remember me. You had asked that I let you know about my first time with my new Fleshlight.

Anyway, I got the original version - the pink mouth. Needless to say, I was very excited the day it arrived. I could hardly wait to try it out. And now the part you wanted to hear.

 When I first took it out of the box, I was amazed that it wasn't as large as I thought judging by the numerous videos I'd seen - yet I still found it very impressive. My heart was racing as I unscrewed the cap; I truly thought I was going to cum before I got the cap off.

 As soon as I opened it, a wonderful sweet smelled hit me in the face. A mix of baby powder and cinnamon but nothing quite like I'd ever smelled. Even the scent was a turn on. The Fleshlight looked so perfect, I was thinking "I can't possibly use this."  I'd soon overcome that. Of course, I had to remove the tube in the middle and I couldn't do it soon enough. 

I remembered seeing the Fleshlight promo video and watching some guy lube one up. I was really turned on by how much the Fleshlight moved like skin and looked so soft.  Well, anyway, I took the insert out and though I was afraid of losing the scent by soaking it, I did it anyway.

But first, I remember seeing on the FL forum a thread about the guys who'd kissed their mouth FL - so I thought: "why not."  No tongue or anything - just my lips finding out just how soft it was. Amazing.

I filled my sink with some hot water and let the Fleshlight soak for a good while. When I thought it'd soaked enough, I took it out of the water, dried it off and then set about lubing it up. It was such a turn on to be lubing it up like the guy in the video and feeling how it didn't yield to my touch.

I decided to put on some porn, take out some poppers and first try the Fleshlight out laying my back. As soon as I slid in (even though it was the mouth), it may as well have been a woman's pussy to me and I set about letting it ride me. As I told you before, I am one of those gay guys who wouldn't mind sex with a woman and I thought if this is anything like what they feel, no wonder str8 guys are always walking around so crazy.

The best thing about the Fleshlight was finding out how many different ways I could use it. I could lie on my back or turn over on my side or put it between some pillows and fuck it. With the poppers making my body sensitive to everything, I was really enjoying this thing. I knew I was going to be hooked on it. But first, the one thing I really want to try was what I had seen in the videos: I shot my first load, then pulled the Fleshlight off slowly and watched as the huge load I'd shot poured out of the opening onto my dick. It was hot and I was just getting started.

That night I shot four huge loads of cum into my Fleshlight and I have been hooked on it almost nightly since.

Hot and tight as hell! See what you're missing.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Give Yourself Intense Cums Again and Again

If you're interested in increasing your sexual pleasure, then the Fleshlight is for you! it doesn't matter whether you're young or old, married, single, widowed, religious, straight or gay - hours of UNBELIEVABLE pleasure awaits you. And the intrepid FleshJoe has compiled 10 reasons why you REALLY NEED to get one today. Click here for more info.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Giving in to the urge: Why you need a Fleshlight!

If you're interested in increasing your sexual pleasure, then the Fleshlight is for you! Whether you're young or old, married or single, straight or gay, religious or not - the Fleshlight has something for nearly everyone. And the intrepid FleshJoe has compiled 10 reasons why you really need to get one today. Click here for more info.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Speed Bump: A 1000 Tongues Working Your Knob


A first-time user writes: "When I first heard about Speed Bump, I thought it was like any other Fleshlight. A guy from the Fleshlight chat used to tell me how wonderful it was. One day I decided to get it. It's like a mouth with several tongues licking under your fireman's helmet at the same time. Those tongues work relentlessly where your need it most. Since then, I've become addicted and I can say that my life has been divided into two parts: before and after Speed Bump."
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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Speed Bump: A Sweet Massage For Your Dickhead


Super Tight Speed Bump aka SB.

Where do I start? I'm at work today thinking about my new Speed Bump and my cock starts stirring in my trousers. I feel like Pavlov's (dirty) dog. Woof, woof. LOL.

Got my Speed Bump (SB) and the new Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) in the mail yesterday and got down to business as soon as possible. Because there was no advance buzz on Speed Bump, I didn't know what to expect. Well, that's only half-true. I knew what I MIGHT expect based on the website photos at the ILF site, but I still wondered how those little raised nubs would actually feel gliding up and down my cock.

For starters, the SB's chamber is tight as hell with a casing that follows the contours of your cock. But it gets better. A lot better.

Speed Bump has dozens of raised bumps that are designed to hit the most sensitive and pleasure-seeking parts of your manhood. As the SB ping, ping, pinged under my cockhead, the nubs created never-ending waves of sensation. I almost felt I could direct the bumps to hit the most sensitive area of my manhood - right under my dickhead - but that might be an illusion cause there are dozens of those little fuckers all working together - tonguing, stroking and ultimately bringing me to a ball-draining cum. Right now, I'm too spent to write anything more. LOL.

Click here for more info on this ball-drainer!

A Tight Butt is a Nice Butt

Super Tight Butt aka STB.

The Super Tight Butt offers guys the tightest entrance of any Fleshlight. At first glance, the STB looks almost impossible to penetrate, but tightness was its own reward. As I penetrated the insert for the first time, I was struck by how snugly it ringed and gripped my dickhead. Further in, the greedy STB treated the underside of my cock with an insistent, repetitive and very pleasurable stroking action. As I pumped away, I thought Super Tight Butt gives a whole new meaning to "nice piece of ass." LOL.

From the start, STB worked the sensitive underside of my cock with a firm stroking action that was perfect for building a really nice cum.

Super Tight Butt is perfect for guys that want a tight ride and an intense cum. And the Super Tight Butt gets bonus points for simulating the pleasures of anal sex without the risk of injury, infection or disease.

If you like it nice and tight, check out Super Tight Butt.

See Yourself Shoot with Fleshlight Ice

LOCKER ROOM: How did you first find out about the Fleshlight?
Iceman: While I was surfing porn last year.
LOCKER ROOM: Did it interest you immediately?
Iceman: Yeah, ever since I saw it, I wanted one.

LOCKER ROOM: Did you order it right away or did you wait?
Iceman: I waited like 2 months and then...I got it.
LOCKER ROOM: Which color did you get?
Iceman: Ice.

LOCKER ROOM: What was appealing about the Ice?
Iceman: It's clear and I liked it like that.
LOCKER ROOM: Is being able to see yourself cool?
Iceman: Yeah, that was one of the reasons.
LOCKER ROOM: Can you see yourself shoot?
Iceman: Yeah.

LOCKER ROOM: What are the other reasons?
Iceman: The color, the fact I can see myself inside and my cum shots.
LOCKER ROOM: Did the insert live up to your expections, sensationwise?
Iceman: Yeah, I like it.

Fleshlight Ice The clear choice. See yourself cumming and going.

Get Rock Hard With the Flesh Pump!

I got my Flesh Pumptoday after a bit of a hassle at the post office. (I wish they'd get used to the new bar codes. This is the second time an ILF package got passed around among the postal employees at the customer service area. One person even wanted to Xerox the bar code so others could see it later.) Fuck that. Give me my package, Hooterville postal workers!

After that little bit of excitement, I proceeded home to test the new product. I read the directions, greased up, smooshed and fitted myself into the chamber and started pumping. The vacuum action seemed to enlarge my already erect rod, but after about 5 minutes I soon tired of the exercise. Since there seemed to be no orgasm at the end of that science experiment, I moved on to using the Flesh Pump in concert with a Fleshlight insert. Speed Bump was the orifice of choice cause I just love a blowjob feel. I took Speed Bump and fit it into the clear chamber of the Flesh Pump. Each piece (the pump and the insert) fit together quite well. I then initiated a slow and somewhat awkward FLying session.

Being a novice, there was the expected trial and error, including slippage and the need to reposition the insert. First problem: I squeezed the pump handle too many times and Flesh Pump sucked the insert into the tube. That happened about three of four times till I came upon the magic pump number. In my case, it was three. Next problem: I pulled myself too far out of the insert a couple of times and broke the suction seal. That problem was easily remedied after I modified my stroke method.

After these minor mishaps, I started to get the hang of it. Because I didn't want to lose the suction grip, I started to favor shorter strokes closer to the front of the insert. My Flesh Pump session consisted primarily of "riding the ridge." (i.e.: short, tentative strokes that worked the ridge of my dickhead.) In fact, it was the first orgasm I ever experienced by focusing almost exclusively on the ridge. A few more observations: The pumping action made Speed Bump hug my dick a lot better. And a tighter grip translated into a better feel and a more pleasurable stroke.

In future posts, I'll be providing updates and additional commentary on Flesh Pump. I tend to think of the Flesh Pump as a magician's bag of sorts, a deceptively simple device that might transform familiar inserts into entirely new FLying experiences. For me, the Flesh Pump technology translated into an entirely new way to bust a nut.


My second day with Flesh Pump: more inserts and a little more discipline. I started out with ST Butt, but moved back to Speed Bump after I grew nostalgic for the nubs. And I had better luck the second day. I got to experiment a bit and discovered the differences in sensation that various pump sequences could afford. I got all the way to eight pumps, found that ultra snug, and released some pressure to get the sleeve a bit looser. With the pump, "loose" is characterized by a lesser degrees of tightness because even a few pumps will tighten a FL sleeve.

I also progressed a little beyond the training-wheels stage. On the first day, my strokes were short and close to the top. Today, I experimented with deeper penetration and longer strokes. Guess what? Shorter strokes actually feel better. So, for now, I'm a committed ridge rider. Another observation: a pumped up chamber alters the character of inserts like Speed Bump. (I suspect the compression of the sleeve flattens the nubs a bit.) Although I find a regular Speed Bump session (in a regular case) to be more intense, a Flesh Pump SB session works the knob's ridge pretty effectively, getting you to an orgasm in grand style.

I also think it's fun to watch your cock move in the tight sleeve. The pump really accentuates your manly profile. Actually, it makes you look bigger - and there's nothing wrong with that!

In the meantime, check it out yourself: Flesh Pump!

U Like Ripples of Pleasure Up and Down Your Rod?

Super Tight Wonder Wave = ST Wonder Wave = STWW

'FIRST IMPRESSION: Speed and depth of penetration can affect the overall FLying experience.

'SENSATION: The waves feel great gliding up and down the shaft.

'REALISM: Pretty realistic. Can simulate a nice blowjob.

'NUT INDEX: About 7-8 on the FLyer scale.

'RECOMMENDATION: If subtlety and a realistic feel are your bag, baby, then STWW REALLY belongs in your toolbox. Available as part of a 3-for-2 deal.

After all the flash and sizzle of new inserts like Super Tight Speed Bump (SB) and Super Tight Super Ribbed (STSR), the new Super Tight Wonder Wave (STWW) kind of ended up in the bottom of the box. Well, it's time to dust that one off because the folks at Fleshlight went back to the lab and came back with a new-and-improved version of a popular favorite.

Ardent FLyers had urged the company to put the waves closer to the point of penetration and Interactive Live Forms (ILF) heeded the advice. The company also reduced the circumference of the chamber to give FLyers an tighter ride. The result is an insert that feels tighter and strokes better. But that's not all. The insert's ribbing was angled slightly so Wonder Wave just loves and tugs your shaft on the upstroke. And because the waves now start at the beginning, the result is vastly improved FLying.

STWW is the most subtle and versatile insert the company offers. So many variables can alter the STWW experience, but chief among them are speed and depth of penetration. Because the waves now begin a half inch from the entrance, STWW can be used for more focused, point-of-entry stroking. And the waves feel especially great when gently swallowing your cockhead.

Speed is another variable that reveals the versatility of STWW. In slow motion, Wonder Wave sends gentle ripples of pleasure up and down your rod, but increase the speed and it's altogether different. A faster motion = a more aggressive tug on the upstroke and, invariably, a faster cum. But either way, STWW offers a pretty great ride for the money.

Locker Room Tip - Best use of STWW: Point of view (POV) porn, blowjob scene, slow stroke in sync with the action. Rinse insert, repeat. LOL.

For more information on this insert, click here.